18 March 2015

Our Wedding Photographer at The Fenimore Museum in Cooperstown NY | Emily and Taylor's August Wedding

We were really excited to work with Emily and Taylor for their Cooperstown wedding. We had photographed their engagement session at the Fenimore House and the Farmer's museum in October  and were looking forward to returning to those same gorgeous venues the following summer.  They were both so much fun and so obviously in love, it made for some truly amazing wedding photos. 

The Fenimore Museum in Cooperstown is located on right Otsego Lake which you can see in the background.  The lawn sweeps down to the lake creating a perfect backdrop for our couples portraits.

                        This is a perfect image for a 30x40 in a grand hall. I need a bigger studio!

The reception was held at the Jones Center located on the grounds of the Cooperstown Farmer's Museum. This grand entrance set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Fenimore House Museum Wedding Cooperstown NY

Farmer's Museum Wedding Cooperstown NY

Emily had two maid of honors. Both of her sisters shared the duties which included this adorable and hilarious toast.  

And I will leave you with the sweetest sequence from their first look photos.

That look of love just says it all.

Emily and Taylor, Thank you so much for having us as your wedding photographers. You were both a joy to work with.  We wish you much love and happiness in your future life together.
Tim and Dana

21 December 2014

Wedding Photographer in Cooperstown | August Wedding at The Otesaga Resort

We just loved the flowers at this August wedding in Cooperstown NY thanks to A Rose is a Rose Florist in Cherry Valley NY.
The ceremony and reception were both at the Otesaga Resort Hotel on Otsego Lake. It is a great place to have a wedding even if it rains because we can always get a few photos of our couple from the veranda with the lake in the background. The ceremony took place in the Templeton Lounge where you have a great view of the lakefront from the large glass doors and windows.
We were especially lucky to get a nice break in the showers right after all the formal portraits were done with the families. We took a few with the wedding party down by the lake then walked over this beautiful dock for a couple private photos with our couple. Even though we were missing the sun we had beautiful light and  a beautiful couple.  Congratulations Britney and Jonathan. We we hope you love your images as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.

22 October 2014

Julia's "Walk-About" Senior Portrait Session at The Classic Image Photography

We had fun with Julia for her high school senior portrait session. She chose the "Walk About" our photo session that includes a short walk around the village using some of our coolest places as backgrounds.

Give us a call and we can do a "Walk-About" in your town. Because you're only a High School Senior for a short time. Let us document your awesomeness!

Slower connection?

02 September 2014

The Classic Image Modeling Session Starring Liza

We are well known for our Wedding Photography and our High School Senior Photography but did you know we also provide many other types of photographic services and products? Here is a sample of our Modeling Session.

 The Classic Image Modeling Session Starring Liza

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14 August 2014

Rock the Prom Dress with The Classic Image

We had Krissy from our Rock the Prom Dress with The Classic Image video in the studio today. So much fun once again. This time she brought in "Cookie" the cutest little poodle- chihuahua mix ever. Check out the video and stay tuned  for new images from our in studio high school senior session.

Click here to see the video

09 May 2014

Carrie + Dave : A visit to The Olde Tater Barn and a Covered Bridge in Schoharie NY

Carrie + Dave: Engagement Session

The Olde Tater Barn

Covered Bridge Schoharie NY

We stopped to visit The Olde Tater Barn for a site visit with Carrie and Dave a couple of weeks ago. It's a perfect spot for a Country Chic wedding. They even have a sweet tree swing which was perfect for a nice casual portrait.

We went over to the covered bridge while we were there. It's just off the main road and closed to traffic so was a great spot for some fun portraits of our couple.

Another sweet swing on the bridge

 Carrie has always been one of our favorite models so expect to see a lot of this beautiful smile coming up. Their wedding is in just a few short weeks and these two are both a lot of fun so I imagine there will be lots of great party photos as well. 
  And one more because, well, like I said...   

We are looking forward to your wedding day!
Tim and Dana

19 April 2014

Tim & Ania Winter Wedding at St. Mary's and Cafe Capriccio Albany NY

One of our Classic Images in Historic St. Mary's Church in Albany NY. 

Tim and Ania were married on one of the coldest days of this past winter.  It was a nice sunny day but never got much warmer than about 10 degrees outside. We still took some fun out door photos of the first meet and one of my favorite shoe shots ever. I love a really simple image that tells a great story like this one does. We like to enter print competitions so we will often give an image a title and this one is "The Kiss". (because even though it's just their shoes, you have to know what is really happening here don't you?)

We have seen sand ceremonies done as an alternative to a candle lighting ceremony but this wedding had little bottles of sand for each of the guests to add to the sand vase. What a great way to have everyone take a part in the ceremony and for you to have a great keepsake from your wedding day.

 The reception was just around the corner at Cafe Capriccio. It's a great night spot for a winter wedding party and we all got a nice warm greeting from the hosts of the Cafe. It was like being welcomed to a great big family dinner party. Before we went in we took time to get this photo of our newly married couple.

 A little fun with the cake. Doesn't it look amazing? All the food was wonderful. Definitely a place for a dinner date. Don't wait for a wedding, check this place out soon.

  Time for the first dance. And this was just the beginning of a great party.

Thank you for having us photograph your wedding Tim and Ania. It was truly a pleasure. You were both a lot of fun to work with and your families were as well. We wish you much happiness, joy and
Tim and Dana
Try these links for more  St. Mary's and other Albany NY ceremony and reception locations.

17 December 2013

Lindsey+Joshua : September Wedding Location :Glen Sanders Mansion Scotia NY

We like to ask our couples to tell us a little bit about their relationship and why they came to see us so we know more about them and what they are looking for in their wedding photos. When Lindsey and her mom came in to talk about Lindsey and Josh’s wedding two things stood out. One was that their wedding photographs were really important to them. They knew our work - we had photographed Lindsey since she was a little girl taking dance class and all through school at proms, sports events, and her senior portraits.  The other was that she and Josh, high school sweethearts, loved to have fun. So our mission was to give them beautiful wedding photographs. Their mission was to have fun.  I think we knocked this one out of the park.

We started out with some getting ready photos which are always a lot of fun.  

It's great to be able to get a three generation image of three beautiful women like this. I am so glad we had the time to set this one up. It turned out great and will be such a meaningful photograph for each of them.

When fun is of the essence, we know that couples want to get as much out of their day as possible. One of the things we suggest to make that happen is a "first look".  This is an opportunity for the couple to see each other on their wedding day prior to the ceremony in a more private intimate setting.  With Lindsay and Josh it worked out really well as they wanted to be able to take as many photos ahead of time as possible so as to be able to enjoy their cocktail hour and wedding reception.

Lindsey's dad escorting her to where Josh was waiting. I love all these happy faces sneaking a peek!

A couple more detail shots. Family is also really important to our couple and this is such a great way to keep the memory of loved ones with you on your wedding day.

We did a couple of our Classic Image group shots with the guys, but this is one of my top favorite set-ups of all time.  Anybody have a guess as to what we call this one? Think Al Pacino.  First person to guess correctly and put it in the comment section I will mail you a print!

So did I mention that this couple wanted to have fun? What could be more fun than a ball game? We loved watching these two play high school baseball and softball and they were both top athletes. I was a little nervous out there with a camera in my hand and not a mitt.

Father, Coach, Friend: Lindsey's dad has always been her biggest fan.  What more could a girl ask for?

And the moment everyone's been waiting for!

Right after the ceremony, Lindsey's "Little Me" gives her the best kind of gift a kid can give.

And a few official photos of the new Mr. and Mrs.!

 A close up of the bride's flowers, the detail on the dress, her rings all photographed where they should be photographed. I especially love details photographed in the setting they belong.

We try to take as many detail shots as possible because we know that a couple spends so much time planning each little detail and wedding day goes by so fast.  Johnstone's Florist always does such a fabulous job with flowers.

This photo shows one of the reasons we love Lindsay so much. I could show a photo of the cake and remark on how beautiful it was but with that wonderful expression on Lindsey's face and her body language, you just know that cake was perfect.

 Oh yeah... did we say fun? This was one of the best entrances ever.

 It started with the the bridal party entrance song "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Then the Bride and Groom entered to "Let Me Clear My Throat" by DJ Kool. 

 Lindsey says it best:

  "Our entrance was the one thing Josh was in charge of and wouldn't you know that the first time we ever practiced it was in the hallway, right before we got introduced. I think it went pretty well, though"

  "The powder thing was another aspect we made up. I always joked with Josh and told him that I wanted to do the "Lebron James." Every time before Lebron plays, he grabs a handful of chalk and throws it in the air, and thus, another part of our intro was born." 

"We just really wanted to have a fun time and make people laugh, because that's what we're all about. We love laughing and we laugh everyday together, so we wanted to share that with our friends and family." 

And so it began: fun, laughter and non-stop party from then on.


 Lindsey's niece was ready to party! She danced all night - and so did everyone else.

Speaking of high school sweethearts, Josh's mom and dad were also celebrating their anniversary!
We did a series of the following image - it's hard to say which one we love best. This is a great straight-on portrait but I also love the romantic version I used at the start of the blog.

Thank you Lindsey and Joshua for being such a wonderful couple! It was truly a pleasure photographing your wedding.

 We wish you much happiness and love,

Tim and Dana

And because we truly believe that when you hire the right professionals for your wedding that it's when we all will work together as a team that we can make your wedding  the very best day ever,
 I want to send out a  little vendor love for the people we worked with that night.
 Big hugs to Dan Keese and his fiance (now wife!) Brooke. Dan shot video (check it out here) and Brooke ran the photo booth. They were awesome to work with as usual and they do a great job.

Johnstone's florist. Tim and Chuck-We always know your work when we see it even if we don't see you there. All those luscious, glorious blooms. Great job guys!
The very talented Leo Milman for the ceremony music.
All that great dancing? Thanks to Small Town Sound for keeping the party going all night long.
And of the course the staff at the Glen Sanders Mansion. Professionalism at it's very best. As usual. Thanks All! T&D